traditions and identitiy

Our founder, Cathy, is working on an ongoing personal photo project about exploring identity through culture and tradition.  She's currently working on a personal scale of exploring her own Italian culture and hoping to grow it into a more vast look at the diverse cultures in the GTA and farther, exploring identity and what it means to be Canadian. 

Below is a taste of the project.

WE need you!

Cathy is currently looking for Italian families all around the GTA who make their own tomato sauce.  She will come to you and capture your family and the work you put into this annual tradition, creating images that celebrate the unique, labour intensive and beautiful sauce making process and capturing your family and the community that is created around this joint effort.

AND… If you have a different tradition that defines your culture, no matter where you’re from, we still want to be part of it!

Please contact us to learn more about how you can participate in this project.