Lifestyle photography means we come to your home or meet you on location and we capture you in a style that celebrates real life moments. There is no sitting fee and no minimum orders.  We photograph you and your family and you get everything on disc.  The images are lightly edited, but there is no face retouching and other tricks included like with our studio portraits- this is real life in all it's beauty and imperfections.  

Lifestyle capture beings at $400 for a two hour session. Newborn lifestyle sessions cost $500 and last approximately 3-4 hours. Travel fees may apply.


An Overview of one Lifestyle Newborn shoot...

This newborn shoot was a joy to capture.  This baby girl has been long awaited and is so incredibly loved!  We moved around this beautiful couple's Toronto home to all the rooms with the best light, and the results were gorgeous.  Blessings to this beautiful family.